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The World Parcel delivery reach in about 220 countries of the world within a minimum of 2 – 4 business days, The World Parcel is the best international courier service in Secunderabad. Our costs are extremely reliable, and this makes us the cheapest international courier service in secunerabad. Couriers are treated with the utmost care, and customers are guaranteed 100%  safe and secure delivery of their package, your package will definitely reach to its destination with in the delivery time. We are The World Parcel and just like our name implies, we are dedicated to deliver all your domestic and international delivery needs.

International Documents & Parcel
We provide fast, secure and convenient delivery of letters, documents, parcels, gifts, Medicine, Grocery, Food, Eatables, Electronic Gadgets, all types of condiments, Savouries’, Spices, Electrical goods, components, garments, manufactured items, non-commercial shipments, Cargo shipments, Air freights, Books, Stationery, Handicrafts, antiques, all types of household Goods, Excessive Baggage and goods worldwide. We specialize in worldwide speed delivery and customized distribution of packages or freight of all sizes and description. With our service agreement with leading air express companies and regional hubs located at Dubai & London; all shipments are routed through these gateways to be delivered over a network of more than 220 countries globally within 3-4 days.

The World Parcel International & Domestic Couriers Service has a new global express which offers you an unrivalled timely delivery all over the world and serves more than 220 countries worldwide. We are serving the priority shipping needs of the many respected companies. Every package we handle is guaranteed our highest priority.

Door to Airport – We collect the shipment from your door and deliver to the airport. At destination the consignee is responsible for collecting the shipment and paying local handling, clearance and any custom duty if imposed.

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